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some of Our Products

On this page we will list all of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.

Custom Hookah Hoses with 5 year limited warranty on tubing!!!

The madrone burl is incredibly patterned. It grows in the Pacific Northwest. This hose comes with a blue hose cover.
The tube is 1/2" ID making for an effortless draw!!!
The tube is warrantied for 5 years against material failure. Tug-o-wars and horrible accidents are not warrantied but replacement tubes means that this hose will be around years after we're gone unless you opt to be buried with it. :O
$60 as shown

email for order confirmation
madrone burl handle- 6 foot hose


the Anaconda is a highflow hose with exotic woods and 1/2" ID corrugated nylon highflex tubing.  

Olivewood Hookah bowls- $30 up 
watch the video below. Pick a bowl by number. Email for confirmation the bowl is still available. Once confirmed you can PayPal the cost of the bowl plus $5 U.S. (outside U.S. email me for quote


the heartwood in this is amazing

Triple Threat Hookahs
built to order starting at $90
derived from an concept originally from another www,hookahforum,com member, Agentscot, Significant changes were made.  The original concept the stem when into a first water chamber and branched to the other three. This created are harder draw as well as harsher smoke.
This has become the best multi-hose hookah I have ever smoked in.
Unlike traditional multi-hose hookahs that share one vase, each smoker has there own vase (bottle) therefore can choose their own flavored liquids.
Even better is that since each hose is connected to a different base there is no need for others to plug their hoses while others draw smoke.
More than one person can draw off the hookah at one time because vacuum pressure created by other smokers is eliminated via separate vases.
SInce Scalli drinks so mu Shinerbock there is an abundant supply of those bottles. Other bottles can be used. Price varies on whether Scalli likes the taste of what was in 'em though ;) 
$90 and up